Warranty conditions

The warranty is valid if the customer (buyer or user) can show a document confirming the purchase (bill of lading or receipt).

The warranty does not apply to damage caused by the customer's fault:
- due to incorrect/non-compliant use and maintenance of the goods, i.e. the product has not been used for its intended purposes;
- due to inadequate storage conditions of the goods, i.e. quick temperature changes, humidity, dust, etc. external factors;
- due to mechanical and intentional (malicious) damage to the equipment, i.e. impact/fall marks, broken parts, scratches;
- in cases of natural wear of elements, e.g. batteries;
- arbitrary disassembly/assembly of the equipment has been performed as a result of damage;
- the product serial number or label is damaged/removed;
- damage due to incorrect transportation of the goods.

In order to determine liability for damage/defect of the product, Hansatrade Ltd. relies on the competence of a person authorized by the manufacturer. If the damage/defect is caused by the reasons listed above, the customer will be able to repair the product for a fee.

In the case of warranty, please inform Hanstrade Ltd. by T. 67522133 and/or send an application to the E. hansatrade@inbox.lv, indicating the date of purchase of the product, defect of the product, as well as attach a copy of the documents confirming the purchase.

In case of non-conformity or defect of the product, the customer has rights to request replacement of the product or return the product to the seller (Hansatrade Ltd.).
Within 14 (fourteen) days after the return of the product, we will refund paid amount for the returned product.
Exercise the rights of withdrawal, returned goods must be in original packaging (may be open, but not damaged) and together with a copy of the proof of purchase. If the returned product is damaged, Hansatrade Ltd. has rights to submit claim to the customer regarding the decrease in the value of the product no later than 30 (thirty) days after the return of the product.